Photography is my favorite hobby. I absolutely love taking pictures with my DSLR and do so every chance I get. If I’m not out taking pictures, I’m either perusing photography blogs, browsing people’s pictures, or researching camera gear. I have learned a great deal regarding photography over the years and it has gradually become more than just a hobby. Learning to take pictures has changed the way I view the world around me. Instead of seeing my surroundings through my eyes, photography has taught me to see it through my camera.

A camera’s view is limited. It’s limited by the boundaries of the photograph it produces; a photo can only capture a portion of a scene. A photo looses the luxury of able to turn its head or flicker its eyes left and right to glance around the scene. It cannot squat down to obtain a new angle or squint its eyes to re-adjust the brightness. It looses a sense of depth, as it captures three-dimensional objects into a two-dimensional space. Once the photo is taken, it cannot be changed.

Pleasanton Fall Leaves Pleasanton Fall Leaves 2011

Taking photos has conditioned me to look at things differently. When I’m taking a picture, I view the subject from different angles and ponder which one will result in the best perspective. I take into consideration how much of the overall scene I want to capture, cutting out unnecessary objects to focus on the main subject or including them in to produce a scenic shot. I also note the position of the subject relative to the sun or light source to ensure my desired lighting. Taking photos has led me to see things in a new perspective. It has sharpened me into paying more attention to small details. I look at things and calculate how to frame it even when I don’t have my camera in my hands.

Grand Canyon Sunset Grand Canyon Sunset 2007

Being able to see the beauty of a flower or the grandness of the grand canyon and then capture it in a photo is exactly why I love photography. Everyone can appreciate these things when they see with their own eyes, but few can capture the same essence in a photograph. People love looking at pictures and I love taking great ones to share with them. Being able to see the world around me differently, to capture the details, and then to share them with my friends and family, is the reason why I love photography.