On the third day, we backtracked and visited the last few temples we skipped previously.

The Baphuon Temple
Relaxing Tour Guide
Terrace of the Elephants
The terrace was used by the King as a platform from which to view his victorious returning army.

After visiting the Terrace of Elephants, we arrived at the Preah Khan Temple. While Ta Prohm was dedicated to the king’s mother, Preah Khan was dedicated to his father.

The Preah Khan Temple
Hall of Dancers
Rear Entrance to Preah Khan
The Mythical Beast - Garuda
Jayatataka Baray
(a baray is an artificial body of water which is a common element of the architectural style of the Khmer Empire of Southeast Asia)

Our last stop of the day was a temple outside of the central Angkor Wat area. This temple was unique because, unlike the other temples, it was built mostly in red sandstone. Despite its small size, it was probably the most intricate temple we saw.

Temple of Banteay Srei

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